What ever you are suffering from weather divorce, loss of employment, the death of a loved one, or physical or emotional pain. "He sent his word to heal them." Know this – The God of Creation, Jesus will stand on your behalf as a high priest he will make intercession for you.  Remember, he said "He would never leave you nor forsake you." On the other hand, things may be going right for you.  But there are a lot of people who enjoy one form of success or another, but still feel that something is missing - like a real understanding about your purpose for being on this planet earth.  Just the thought of it may give you great joy or cause you fear and anxiety.  Open Bible will help you with your belief in yourself, through enlightenment of the Bible.  Here, you get to know what God wants for you.  Learn what God has in store for you and more important what he requires of you.


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